Open Air Booth:


  • Good for events where many people are in the photo

  • SIZE: (Main unit = 47cm deep x 180cm tall x 80cm wide) (Backdrop & stand = 200cm+ wide x 220cm tall)

  • Comes with a backdrop stand + Black or Red curtain. You can supply your own backdrop 

  • Less Private compared to a Traditional Enclosed Booth

That Moment Photobooths hires two types of Photo Booths - Open Air & Traditional Enclosed. Both versions are identical apart from a few details.

Open booths and Traditional Enclosed booths both take amazing photo's and print exactly the same, however the choice is yours when it comes to your event. 

Read below and scroll through the photo's to see what suits your event best.


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Traditional Enclosed Booth:


  • Good for events where less people are in the photo or prefer total privacy

  • SIZE (170cm long x 180cm tall x 80cm wide) 

  • Has a surrounding metal frame that holds the curtain up

  • Has a curtain that surrounds the booth

  • More private compared to an Open Booth

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